cropped-final_web2.pngAs the agriculture industry continues to face a number of complicated issues, it is vital students are able to think critically about them. The purpose of this project was to develop a framework for using multimedia case studies to teach issues communication as it relates to food, agricultural, natural resource and health topics.

The Project

The Communicating Ag Issues project is a collaborative effort between three universities – Texas Tech University, University of Florida, and Colorado State University. The project members have developed a series of case studies that address various food, agriculture, natural resource, and health topics. Instructors can choose to use these provided resources in their own classrooms.


The integration of these case studies will:

  • Increase students’ awareness and knowledge of food, agriculture, natural resource, and food issues.
  • Improve students’ critical thinking skills in terms of the communication process associated with these issues.
  • Enhance agriculture and natural resource instructors’ abilities to teach the issues communication process through a case study approach.